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Promote Flexischools

Once you’re set up and ready for service, it’s important to promote Flexischools to your parent community.

Flexischools Materials

Flexischools has launched in hundreds of schools, and the best way to ensure your launch is as successful as possible is to promote Flexischools early on and continue to build awareness.

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Launching Flexischools

If you are new to Flexischools take a look at the Flexischools launch plan to get started promoting Flexischools in your school.

Flexischools Launch Plan
Flexischools Checklist

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The most successful strategy has been to include information for parents in your school newsletter. The inserts below provide a brief overview of the key features of the system.

Newsletter Insert – Flexischools Canteen Service
Newsletter Insert – All Flexischools Services

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You can directly download brochures from the links below or click here to order printed copies.

Flyer – Flexischools Canteen Service
Flyer – Flexischools Canteen Communications
Flyer – Flexischools P&C Communications

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Social Media Posts

Social Media is a great way to get your message about Flexischools across to your parent community. Below are some insert you can post to your school Facebook page.

Social Media Post – Flexischools Canteen Service
Social Media Post – All Flexischools Services

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Create awareness of Flexischools and display posters around your school.

Poster – Cashless card
Poster – School lunches
Poster – Uniform shop

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Student Cards

If you are new to Flexischools, you might like to share the below document with parents so that they know how to link student cards to their Flexischools account.

INSTRUCTIONS - Adding a student card to an account

How to increase usage

Helpful tips to encourage more parents to order through Flexischools.

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Special Food Days

Make your next special food day online orders only. Making it online only will encourage more parents to register. To add a special food day click here.

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Friday Online Orders Only

Fridays are probably your busiest day, the perfect reason to make it online orders only and encourage more parents to register.

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Online Draw

Create a draw and ask students to put their online order labels into a box at the end of lunch. Each week draw a label from the box and that student wins a prize. Create some buzz and encourage more parents to register to be involved.

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